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07-22-2007, 22:26
just asking about it from people that use it...
how do you like it? ease of use etc...

I'm looking into an air int. comp soon instead of analog gauges...
so any help is appreciated in advanced as well as recommendations...
and i also prefer something that is NOT wireless... for one reason or another I'm kind of skeptical.

07-23-2007, 09:56
and also what's the diff between the original and the 2? thanks again

07-23-2007, 22:36
and also what's the diff between the original and the 2? thanks again
<DIV>I have the original Cobra and really like it. The 2 big differences between it and the Cobra 2 are that the Cobra 2 allows for gas switching and it has an electronic compass built in. </DIV>

07-24-2007, 13:34
ok, thanks

07-28-2007, 23:03
I chose the Cobra for the same reason... AI without wireless. I know some guys who have intermitant problems with wireless. I really like the Cobra. It's easy to use and gives clear data. The new Cobra 2 has a slightly better screen and digital compass (which many report is very poor). I'd go with the Suunto again in a heartbeat.

07-29-2007, 08:17
As I understand it, all AI computers can lose the pressure data due to many factors. I've never had problems with my VT3 but I know of some that have. The same applies to everybody else. I'm not sure I'd trust it off the bat without an extensive test period to see if it works reliably.

07-30-2007, 21:33
Please elaborate about these factors. Please be specific to hosed models, so we don't water down the content of this thread.

07-31-2007, 09:08
I haven't had any problems with my Cobra yet, 3 seasons so far. A lot of folk dis them saying they're way to conservative, but my profiles haven't pushed it yet.

07-31-2007, 09:24
I bought 2 Cobras for my wife & myself cause everyone was saying how good they were. After using for a couple of seasons, I bought an Aeris Atmos AI (from ScubaToys of course!) and have loved it ever since. I feel the interface on the Cobra is a lot more difficult to use than the Aeris. And one of the biggest advantages is that the Aeris' large display is extremeley easy to read both topside and underwater.

The buttons are much easier to opereate than the Cobra. I gave my Cobra to my daughter. I did notice that the Suunto is much more conservative than the Aeris, so much so that my wife's computer said she was over-gassed while diving in Cozumel. We were pretty much side by side for the whole dive, but the Cobra said she violated the tables, which cut here diving short for the day.

Other than that, the Cobra is a good unit, but for my aging eyes, I need the larger display. Hope my jabbering helps.

07-31-2007, 18:55
My buddy got a normal cobra last year... bad apple I guess, thing said he was at like 300 feet when he was at 15. Not long after that I think it flooded... anyways, he sent it in, got a new one, and promptly sold it. Dives a D9 now I think.

My other buddy that had a cobra didn't like it at all but never gave any real reasons. He got a D6 instead and much prefers it even though it's not air integrated.

Everyone else I know that has had them have loved them... but nobody I know that's had them have ever tried anything but suunto computers, so who can really give us a good comparison?

07-31-2007, 22:22
I do enjoy the comparison from BigASG.

I really like the the Cobra being air integrated on the hose, but I understand some like the wrist style also. I have the Cobra on a retractor across my belly and can glance down at it any time I want without moving my hands. I do lift it when doing ascents. I find it easy enough to read and the functions work fine for me, but I practiced using it before getting in the water.

If I went with the wireless air integration I think I'd get an analog air guage as a backup. Of course, this means getting a reg with 2 HP ports.

08-01-2007, 06:09
so it turns out... some people like them... some don't, some think it's too conservative, others don't...
jeez... makes it really hard to pick.

08-01-2007, 08:21
Hmm, Cobra the big disappointment in my diving life!

I purchased it in Australia for $1100 AUS in 2005 after my beloved US Divers gave up the ghost.

I still have the original Cobra on my set with the SK7. But I really dont like it. it has been too conservative and can go into error mode.

When we did some deep dives on holiday over wrecks because we were going up and down over structure and I admit I adjusted the system to 'slightly' over weight (Fat bast....) to be more conservative (I had just quit smoking peeps dont burn me!) and after a dive in the 40plus metre area, which was a guided dive, upon return to the surface it gave me like a 40 minute deco stop - Im like Fook, Im stuffed! - But everone elses comps were fine so after a while being the last diver out and everyone in the boat looking pissed at me I got out. Im still here as you can read but, the computer went into error and goes down for 40 hours. Im like oh poo oh bugger (or words similar) anyway i had to take out the battery to reset. Which was not an easy task and something I would have rathered my local service guys did, but it worked and I was able to dive again after the second day. It could have soo easily have ruined an expensive overseas trip.

Now i since reset the comp to standard default settings and it still gets excited if I go up and down too fast over structure. It really annoys me when my comp is asking for safety stops and noone elses does.

I recently brought my wife a Airlab which for its simplistic system is quite reliable though Im told they can flood the battery compartment. But for the limited dives my wife does these days its great.

I guess at the end of the day I would not recommend a Cobra2 based on my current experience.

Black if you can afford it or when you get to 250 posts id recommend to go for a Atom2 or a VT3 they are getting alot of good feedback in Australia and when you see all the Dive instructors (who are given their choice of what to use) using these , well it speaks for itself doesnt it. i cant say i have used either but they sound reliable and feedback confirms this.


09-11-2007, 19:37
I have had the Suunto Cobra 2 for over 60 + dives now and really do love it.
It is very easy to read and just has everything you need for your dives all in one console. The only drawback at first was that the digital compass turned off after a minute. I later found out by calling Aqualung was that it does this to save on power which is now understandable. I have now adapted myself to hit one of the buttons so that the compass stays on. If you hit a button within that minute time period it will stay on. If the compass still bugged you you could add an analog to it, but I do not think that is necessary. a few people I dive with all have the Cobra 2 and my Dive Instructor has it as well. He also had the Cobra and he says he likes the Cobra 2 alot better. I am a newer advanced diver and do not have anything to compare it too, but I would highly recommend it.

09-11-2007, 20:35
Best thing about the Cobra 2? When it came out it lowered the price of used Cobras =)

The Cobra, while conservative, will give you plenty of warning before doing something like give you a 40 minute safety stop or putting you into deco violation. Just pay attention to what its telling you and adjust the dive accordingly.

With the conservatism at +1, a typical 40 minute 80 foot first dive will cause you some problems if you try to do a second similar dive after a 1 hour SI. I went into deco mode in the first 5 minutes of the second dive... real PITA and I don't use the conservatism setting anymore.