View Full Version : Blue Hole Dec 28~30th

12-04-2007, 13:05
Well, this forum is not seeing much activity. Fortunately, or unfortunately, those on SB in the RMO forum like it there!

I will continue to post dive dates, and maybe I'll start adding other info of interest like Denver (local) Dive Club info, etc. I would encourage others that fall into this to do likewise.

The topic at hand is..... Diving in Santa Rosa in December. After all where else can we dive in winter that does not involve a plane! :smiley29:

As of now, the tentative dates in December are the weekend of the 29~30th. We have discussed maybe carrying this over NewYears as well, but nothing firm. But it would be kinda cool being UW at the turn of the new year.

I'll post more as plans are firmed up.

12-11-2007, 19:44
Looks like we may get some good turnout. We will be there for a night dive on Friday evening, and will stay through Sunday early PM. ABQ folks will be joining us, and they will likely be there most of Sunday.

Weather permitting means that if it's 15F, but the roads are clear we will be there. If they are calling for a major storm over the weekend, or if the roads are snowpacked from Denver to Las Vegas, we will cancel.

Kevin is planning on doing both Saturday, and Sunday. That is cool, he normally just does Sunday, and it will be nice to have Dinner with him, and get in more than a dive or two.

Perch lake will be a go. It will require a drysuit, or some serious attitude as I'm betting it will be in the low 40F, high 30F.

Anyone interest is welcome to join. If you live in the area and want to brush up on skills, this is a good opportunity. Kevin is an instructor, and most of the folks going are very experienced divers. There may even be an extra drysuit, BP/W, and other gear available to try! :smiley2: