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12-04-2007, 14:26
Hey guys...
Wanted to put a shout out for a spearfishing gear store that I found last week. Ordered my new Riffe Euro X 110 and got a great deal.
The guy's name is Jim and the website link is The Spearfishing Store - online spearfishing gear and more! (http://www.thespearfishingstore.com) The website is still under construction so there are limited items listed.
Normally I wouldn't step on ST's toes but Jim specializes in gear for freediving (not so much scuba) so kind a different area from what ST offers. He's got some nice gear includes open cell wetsuits, fins, masks, guns, speargun rigging gear, floats, etc...
He stated that if you call him he will give anyone a great price. I told him I would give a shout out on this board.
Store 239-455-7401
Cell 239-253-7779
Ordered my gun on Friday and received it on Monday. Was not at all disappointed in the cost... Price you see on the site is not what your gonna pay. Jim is super knowledgeable about the sport.
Can't wait to go an kill some fish. Will update after Friday with some pics...

12-05-2007, 17:50
Thanks Troy!!!

The link above will only take you to the landing page for the site while it is under construction, in order to see the 80% finished website as it is being worked on you need to enter through the developer's link which ends in "/dev".

Try this following link: The Spearfishing Store (http://www.thespearfishingstore.com/dev)

How I hold prices down to rock bottom is by selling gear at the manufacturer's minimum allowable price and offering free shipping as well.