View Full Version : TUSA Visualator Mask

07-23-2007, 13:37
Does anyone use this mask? I was looking at it in a shop and it fits great and seems to have a good view.
<DIV>How offen do people make fun of you for having a huge mask. :D</DIV>

07-23-2007, 16:59
I've dove one for about 2 years. The view is exceptional, I lost it once on entry and had to use my old mask to get it, I was surprised at the difference in the field of view. Get and use a good de-fog, it fogs somewhat at times.
<DIV>I have seen other posts that say that if you whip your head around quickly, it's prone to leak. Never observed that myself. If there is a downside, it maybe seems to come off easier doing giant stride entries. I've (almost)lost it more than once. Might be due to the bigger surface area - might also be due to my neoprene strap cover slipping...</DIV>
<DIV>I also really like the ratcheting strap adjustment. </DIV>

11-06-2007, 18:12
This is the best mask i have ever used ! It fits me perfect ( big head and nose ) Never leaks , excellent vision all around . I would not even leave my mask overnite at the dive store for fear of losing it ! Always carry it on the plane . you touch it , i hurt you !

11-06-2007, 20:46
if it fits you good and you like it, go for it!!! TUSA makes a great mask and just like with any mask, fit is most important