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12-09-2007, 10:13
Got back last night from a trip down to Vortex and Morrison springs. I purchased a set of oceanic v12 fins. I was using a set of aqualung pulse fins(paddle fins). I was having trouble with the paddle fins hurting my ankle before I was half way finished with the first dive. Well I was able to use my split fins yesterday for the first time and let me tell you, they are AWESOME!!!!!! Although they are not a very fast fin, but then again I am not really looking for speed, just to relax and enjoy the dive. I will NEVER go back to using a pair of paddle fins. When I took that first kick, I new they were awesome. The paddle fins felt like i had a huge sheet of plywood strapped to my feet.

As far as the diving itself goes, at Vortex the water was really nice. Really cold at first but once I got to swimming around it was nice. I was a little disappointed with the clarity. It just wasn't what I had expected. The artificial caves were pretty cool and the talk box also. I saw a few eels and a few other fish. We did two dives at Vortex and then loaded up and headed for the last dive of the day at Morrison. That was one of the springs that I was certified in and it was kinda neat to go back. The water clarity was more than excellent. I would say that if Morrison had the same features (artificial caves, talk box) that Vortex has, that would be the best spring ever to dive in. But then again I have only been to about three or four springs, so who am I to say. Anyways, as I said previously I will NEVER EVER go back to using a paddle fin. I am hooked on the split fins