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12-10-2007, 13:56
I have an old USDivers Datascan Dive Computer whos battery went belly up. Can't get the batteries any more for it. I know that at one point Oceanic was offering a competive upgrade where you turned in your old dive computer and they gave you a discount on a replacement for one of theirs. Anyone know if that is still going on and any other company offering such a deal? Larry, can that deal with Oceanic be gotten in addition to the great prices you guys offer?

12-10-2007, 21:41
You could, see this website: Oceanic Worldwide - Owner Services - Instant Cash Allowance (http://www.oceanicworldwide.com/services_upgrades.html)

But yours is US Divers, not Oceanic -- not sure if it will work? You can call up and ask.

ScubaToys Larry
12-10-2007, 22:02
Well.. here's the truth... those deals are not really much of a deal. What they do is offer you X dollars off this or that unit when you trade in whatever.. reg.. computer etc. But that is X dollars off suggested retail - and everytime we've looked at those offers from all the manufacturers, our price with your 10% discount for being on the board works out to be right at about the same - or even cheaper!

12-11-2007, 04:31
Thanks for the feedback. The Oceanic website doesn't appear to limit it to Oceanic products for trade in. But of course dollars off the SRP like Larry said may not be much of deal.