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12-10-2007, 16:44
We got hammered in Joplin. I am writing thanks to my $700 generator (not near as fun as $700 in gear).

We may be out of power for DAYS more, but we are OK.

Good luck,


12-10-2007, 19:46
Glad you are making it ok. Just north of us got hit pretty hard, but we lucked out with mainly rain. Been misting like crazy, but staying just above freezing here. Glad your generator allowed you to get on ScubaToys forums. That was probably the first thing you did once you got the power on wasn't it?

12-10-2007, 19:49
We got hammered in Joplin. I am writing thanks to my $700 generator (not near as fun as $700 in gear).

We may be out of power for DAYS more, but we are OK.

Good luck,


I love my generator. Hurricane prone SoFla.

Hope you guys fare well.

Dark Wolf
12-10-2007, 20:19
Glad you and the rest are OK. I had heard that Joplin got hit pretty hard. There have been sporadic power outages here, but nothing like what you guys have.
I hope you all stay safe, and that things return to normal soon.


12-10-2007, 20:50
Here in the Warrensburg area we are gearing up for the big ice storm. As of 9:00 p.m. (Monday) it doesn't look like it is doing anything. I went to Lowes this morning to buy a generator and the guy in front of me bought the last one. Went everywhere and everybody was sold out. Wish I had a truck load of generators right now, I'd make a killin' or atleast enough to buy a drysuit (gotta have the priorities).

S. Nagel

12-10-2007, 21:02
I HATE ice storms....we used to go thru one each winter season in the 60-70-80's in the DFW area,,,,now with global warming we are spared the sever ones.

Lineman Larry
12-10-2007, 21:15
Kansas City at 9:30 pm

Rain and 29*

The Ice Man cometh


12-10-2007, 21:45
Ice in Wichita as well. Radar shows a few more bands headed this way, hopefully will be through by midnight. North of us is getting some good snow-would trade for this ice in a heart beat!

12-11-2007, 06:40
I do not miss living in northern Oklahoma for this very reason. One of my sisters is in the middle of Kansas & the other just south of Kansas. I haven't heard from them so I am hoping all is well.

the closer to the equator I am, the happier I get.

take care guys!

12-11-2007, 07:52
Wichita seems to have lucked out. I just went outside and found that there is only the thinnest layer of ice on my truck the trees aren't bowed mcuh-yet and the side road seems fairly ice free as well. We're still hovering right atthe 32*f mark. we may get lucky after all.

12-11-2007, 09:28
Roads in Wichita were just wet this morning when I rode from the depot to the hotel. Was still raining, but just warm enough to keep it from freezing.

Gets much colder and you are gonna be busy Navyhmc, if you are working today.

12-11-2007, 14:06
Quick update. Temp is 36, but still no real electricity just electricity that comes 1/2 gallon of gas an hour at $2.76 a gallon. $1.35 an hour for electricity, I wonder if it is cheaper off the line... LOL

At least the ice melted off my big oak tree before any branches snapped. I cannot say the same for my neighbor's trees...

12-11-2007, 15:09
I saw the news and it looked wicked out there. Last time I was in Oklahoma (Duncan), a twister alsmost sucked me and my brother up to Oz... but darn good catfish out there!

12-12-2007, 21:27
Good to hear you're making out ok so far. Word of warning if you're not aware of it. The electricity from a generator is pretty dirty and hard on electronics. You may cause damage if you run it long term. Put a O'Scope on it and you might puke from what you see.

I have a generator in the shed in case, and sad to say I've had to hook the computer up with Internet on it to get my fix in the past. Man, it's sad what the Internet makes people do, isn't it?

12-12-2007, 21:30
Get a solid state line conditioner and hook it between the gen and the uplink.

12-13-2007, 17:39
A what? Pardon me, It looks like I'm going to learn something new here - What is a line conditioner? Never heard of this before.

S. Nagel

12-13-2007, 21:36
just checking in with everybody that was in the mess of ice that covered KS, OK, and wherever else!!

Okies - looks like we're in for some more fun starting tomorrow! We've been down for the past 3 days and have been making a very long drive every morning and evening so that we are at a place with some power. It's been worth it. Finally back up and running today but still well over 150K folks out of power in our area and another 160K or so in OKC as of this evening. On drives to and from town, we've been passing power and tree crews from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina. THANK YOU ALL!

Check in when you can, and let us know you're OK! RRacer, I know you've been in good shape - how 'bout anybody else down there? Warm thoughts and prayers for the folks still awaiting their power restoration.

Lineman Larry
12-13-2007, 22:06
On a personal note, we are OK here in Kansas City, but I only lost power for about 2 hrs total. There are a lot of people still out.

St. Joe, MO got pounded and west of here is not good according to news reports.

Be Safe

12-13-2007, 22:11
Your are correct Disneymom, Down in my neck of the woods all is still ok. Glad you have power again. Hope the snow coming in on friday will not be too hard on you guys up there. I know you have been through enough and with the incoming snow it will just be that much harder and take that much longer to restore power to everyone else. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.