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12-12-2007, 21:00
Hello all,
I just posted tonight in the florida roll call. I thought it would be nice to see a pic of all the local florida folks in the event we ever do a meet and dive some where.

Here I am 3yrs ago in Cozumel waiting for my dive charter to show up at the docks. They never did! lol I can laugh about it now.


Special K III
12-18-2007, 12:48
Here's me at my house in Hollywood....

opps.. can't seem to post the pic.....

12-18-2007, 13:01
Here you go..


Also have my avatar from the keys

12-18-2007, 14:23
Me in front of Launch complex 39A

http://imageshack.us/thumbnmail.png (http://img128.imageshack.us/my.php?image=03pd2368tze5.jpg)


12-18-2007, 14:25
Can't get pic to loadhttp://imageshack.us/thumbnmail.png (http://img128.imageshack.us/my.php?image=03pd2368tze5.jpg)

01-16-2008, 12:29
That's me ---> :D

No Misses
01-16-2008, 12:45
<---That is me in the Dry Tortugas

01-16-2008, 17:06
Here's one of me before I went sidemount:

01-26-2008, 18:40
say cheese there i am or i think that is me, maybe not??? have to think about it

01-27-2008, 10:17
Me just fooling around at Blue Springs

01-28-2008, 01:34

I can't wait till Blue opens again!

01-28-2008, 09:09

I can't wait till Blue opens again!

Will be at 40 Fathoms on wed/thursday this week. (Advanced Trimix/Deco)
Then Peacock/Buford/EaglesNest from Friday to monday/Tusday

You should come by

01-28-2008, 10:51
Yeah I would like to go into the cave a bit at blue springs but I think scubastud is out of the water for a bit he had some surgery

01-29-2008, 11:48
Blue is pretty much cavern. You can see light all the way back
Here's a map of it


You have to have a cert card for cavern/cave because if they catch you with lights and your not cert'd they will ban you from every Fl state park.
If low light does not freak you out, you could prolly go past the 60' mark (that's there the sign is) I would not recommend it though.
Better to just get cavern cert'd then play around in the overhead environments.

Tommy //

If your bored and want to watch some cavern / cave classes , have to look at the calendar-- we're doing peacock (orange grove sink) this weekend.

About 2 hr drive from Orlando.

01-29-2008, 12:59
Well, my avatar is me. And my gear is pretty distinctive. Also look for the Scubaradio logo on my mask strap.

01-29-2008, 21:02
this is me in front of my mac... i look like that when i read the boards.... if i put on dive gear then i look like a diver....

01-30-2008, 02:18

Like Rox said, I'm out of the water until March 1st unfortunately. Had massive emergency abdominal surgery on New Years Eve, so no diving for another month. It's KILLING ME! I have tons of new toys to play with (including a brand new BP/W), but can't use 'em!

Thanks for the invitation though!

Personally, Eagles Nest scares the crap outta me. I'd love to see Diepolder one day though.


01-30-2008, 10:26
Hi Danny,
When you get back in the water I'm betting TJ et al. could prolly get a crew together and we could go check out Diepolder.

Are you a member of nss/cd -- If so we could do Cow etc. If I recall each member of the team has to have membership in the of nss/cd to dive those private owned systems.
Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society (http://nsscds.org/)