View Full Version : WOW Look what Santa brought me!!!

12-14-2007, 17:56
Just received last week

Aeris Elite T3 with Transmitter (for me)
New Oceanic Hera (for the wife)
New Oceanic Spinner knife (for the wife)
New Oceanic 3 mil farmer Jane (for the wife)
New Tilos shorty boots (for the wife
New Armour double regulator bag
New Armour 156 roller bag
New Akona mesh boat bag
New Zeagle DS-V with Zeagle ZX envoy octo and Atomic swivel (for me)
New Scubatoys.com reg bag.
New SMB (for the wife)
New PCA light (for the wife)
New Tiles 1.5mm reef gloves (for the wife)
New Henderson dive skin (for the wife)

If you have'nt guessed yet my lovely bride just got certified, so she will be getting my Titan Supreme LX/Calypso reg set-up and Cobra AI.

Thanks to Scubatoys for all of the help and GREAT prices!!!

12-14-2007, 18:54
Congrats on the new toys!! When/where will you be diving it for the first time?

12-14-2007, 19:14
Going to throw it all in the local pool to make sure everything is OK, then 2 weeks in Feb. 8th to the 23rd at Couples Negril all diving included (twice a day) my wife will complete her OW at the resort (too damn cold in Canada) I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-14-2007, 19:24
Although some would say Jamaica is not the "best" when it comes to diving I have had some wonderful dives and I think that this easy diving will make my wife more comfortable for her first time!

12-14-2007, 21:36
Holy cow! Someone was good this year! :smiley36:

12-14-2007, 21:56
Wow...You guys got quite a haul!

12-15-2007, 16:10
That's an awesome haul. Have fun in Jamaica.

12-16-2007, 02:35
Outstanding! Heve fun!!!

12-17-2007, 14:11
Sounds like Santa brought your WIFE some new scuba toys and he brought YOU a happy wife. In my book that is a win-win situatuion.