View Full Version : Calling All Wabasso Beach Divers!!!

12-17-2007, 17:15
My son & I were headed to Ft Lauderdale for diving this past weekend...We stopped at our favorite Wabasso site, Turtle Trail and guess what?? Indian River County has posted the park as off limits to Scuba, Kayaks & Jet Skies. We also checked out the other park...same signage...

Have you heard anything about this ordinance?:smiley19:

12-26-2007, 23:47
The best thing is to just ask a lifeguard if he's there. If he's not there just enter anywhere you want, nobody is likely to complain.

For Indian River County you are apparently not allowed to dive within park limits, but you are allowed to walk though with your gear and enter the water at the edge of the park boundary. Once you are in the water you can go whereever you want, the park ends at the waterline.