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07-24-2007, 14:19
<DIV>Hello! I'm a noob here and this is my first post. A couple of weekends ago, I made a trip to Florida to do some cavern diving. </DIV>
<DIV>On the very last dive (I did 4 dives in 2 days, 2 per, no deeper than 64 ft.) at Devil's Den, I had a bit of regulator trouble, like I was straining to get air - it also made a high pitched whine on inhale and stutter on exhale. Anyone know what might have caused that? I did the whole finger tight on first stage, open air then turn 1/4 back thing on the tank, same as all my other dives.This problem made me a bit of a scaredy-cat and I did not go as far down as I could have in the last dive, or swim under any pass-throughs - I wanted to make sure there was nothing between me and daylight!</DIV>

ScubaToys Larry
07-24-2007, 15:55
Is there any chance you looked at your gauge when this was happening? Was the pressure needle bouncing? That would help determine if it's air not getting in from the tank, or a problem with the reg delivering air from the 1st stage. And did the octo do the same thing?

Those may be 2 tests you remember to do later so you can diagnose better... I'd have a tech take a look either way.

07-26-2007, 11:35
Good suggestions. I did not try it out on my buddy's tank after the dive, and I totally should have, as I generally rent my tanks. I did check the pressure gauge constantly during the dive, and it was not bouncing, but I didn't try the octo.
<DIV>I do need to get it checked out, as it is past time for servicing *blush*, but I'm going to run into a problem on that. It's a Dacor. Time to take this topic to another forum heading.</DIV>