View Full Version : Woman's Henderson Microprene Wetsuit size 10 for sale

12-19-2007, 01:37
Just as the subject and title says - I have a Woman's Microprene Henderson Wetsuit front zip for sale. Size 10. It's still sold on the Scuba Toys website - it's the one that's black with the purple stripe down the sides and the purple V in the front of the suit over the bust line. It's barely 6 months old, still has a lot of life left, but has faded because I use it to swim at the Y pool. (My local Y keeps that pool freezing cold). The deep purple is still visible about 3 - 4 inches along the ankle which was covered by my booties that I wear with my fins.

The only reason I'm selling is because I need a size 6. In fact, I am going to buy the same exact suit.

Make me an offer. I bought at full price ($122.52) and willing to negotiate a price - but not exactly going to give it away.

It's towards the bottom of the page: Womens Wetsuits, Bare Wetsuits, Oceanic Farmer Jane, Henderson Hyperstretch, Henderson Gold, full suits, farmer johns, farmer jane, jumpsuits, shortys, shorties (http://scubatoys.com/store/Scuba_Wetsuits_Womens.asp?PAGE=2)

If you'd like to see the actual suit, I'll take a pic and post on my website.