View Full Version : Point Loma SD Train Wheels ?

12-19-2007, 22:15
Does anyone know the story behind the train wheels off of Point Loma SD ? Just curious as to the origin of the wheels, know that there is a lot of history surrounding the Point Loma/Ballast Point area but have never been able to hear the story behing where and how the train wheels got there.

12-19-2007, 22:27
I copied this off a dive log on the internet???

"Train Wheels............

No one knows for certain how the train wheels got there. A set of two full-size railroad train wheels, connected by an axle, sits maybe 30 feet back on the right-hand side in a cavern in the Sea Cliffs out from the Point Loma Lighthouse. The bottom of the cavern is at about 100 feet deep, and the top plateau - to which the cavern connects by an increasingly-smaller-as-you-go-back opening - sits about about 65 feet. At the back of the cavern, where it narrows, there is a chimney up to the plateau through which people can fit, single-file."