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12-20-2007, 02:11
As many of you may or may not know, my wife and I have been working with kids at her school for the last two school years, starting up and afterschool program to teach kids about the underwater world and to introduce them and their families to snorkeling and diving as fun activities the families can do together. The clubs original page can be seen here.

As the last school year came to an end, we new the club would continue for another year thanks to support from the school, parents and Scubatoys Forum members who donated gear and ECA monies on their state taxes.

However, with the loss of our instructors, Rob and Jen (Southwest Scuba - Home and now Chipola Divers - Home) to Florida, we realized we'd need to find some way to continue the dive instruction portion of the club. (Especially since Rob and Jen donated their time to certify the Jr. divers free of charge. We realized this wasn't something we could easily replace) So, working with Rob and Jen last school year, we completed on our Divemaster certifications, doing our internships with the club. Earlier this year we completed our IDC and IE and are now able to continue with the teaching Rob and Jen started for the kids program.

That leads us to today, when I'm proud to announce the wife and I have begun independently instrutcing as Salva Vida Scuba. We're hoping to continue some of the same things Rob and Jen did for us; the once a month trips to the lake- not only for teaching classes, but also just for meeting local divers and actually diving with them as well as just socializing- talking diving, travel, or anything else.

We're hoping after the new year to start getting to the lake once a month on a Saturday or Sunday for a few dives on a regular basis. The past few months have kept us busy and away from diving locally more than we'd hoped.

Since the site is new and we're still getting the word out, we do have some holiday specials on Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Peak Performance Buoyancy Class. Check us out and tell some friends! We plan to keep our classes small, our schedule fleixble and the diving fun!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you guys at the lake!

Happy Holidays and Safe Diving,

Kris and Mindy