View Full Version : Aeris AI console computer -used or unauthorized dealer

kauai diver
12-22-2007, 17:57
I am looking for 2 dive computers, entry level and the budget says Aeris XR-1 console or Mares (maybe too complicated to figure out?)
I would like the Air integrated Aeris AI console or another user friendly Low priced Air integrated Nitrox computer and I am considering a used one?
I found a new one online that is a fantastic deal, but it looks like it may be from an unauthorized dealer, (I am the kind of person that does not buy the extended warranty, and believe that if you buy a name brand product it should function perfectly for a long time, if it does not I never buy that brand again)
? What goes wrong with these units during the warranty period that would that a warranty would be needed ? or even cover in the first place
Most gear is out of warranty in the first year or two anyway even though it lasts for many years, so whats the worry?
? How can companies obtain products to sell if they are not authorized to sell them, it makes no sense?
Mahalo for your thoughts on this, and Melekalikimaka !