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12-24-2007, 05:06
Some of the places I dive, have these nice dive tables to put your gear on and hold your tank with BC (so they don't fall over and not just laying on the ground). Then when ready they are the perfect height to allow you to put your bc on without killing yourself in the process.

Just wondering if anybody has came up with an idea of building something like this that would be portable?

S. Nagel

WV Diver
12-24-2007, 06:40
The tail gate of my truck has always worked rather nicely. That is about as "portable" as you can get. I have never seen a table designed to be used for scuba donning that is portable. I imagine it would be rather cumbersome. Buy a truck instead. We use picnic tables at some sites and they work well but they are not exactly portable. Do you have a picture of the tables you talk about?

12-24-2007, 07:13
I too have used a tailgate, it works, but when you have 4 divers, it gets a little crowded. Also, used the picnic table. Sorry don't really have any pictures. Basically, what I have seen is a wooden table with a top rail that has a bungy cord. You place your gear on the table and the bungy cord holds your tank with bc attached. Works great, but not portable obviously. With everything people have came up with, I just thought I would throw it out and see if somebody had come up with something. Yes, I'm thinking whatever it is, it would struggle to be very portable. But, hey it doesn't hurt to ask and maybe some brilliant person came up with an idea.


S. Nagel

12-24-2007, 15:09
It's not that hard, you have probably run across Charlie if you dive Table Rock or Beaver Lake, even Oronogo. He has a large white cargo trailer and awning when he sets up. His table is rigged for doubles, ie he took a walmart portable table and pvc pipe, cut it to fit the cylinders he uses and attached them to the table, I think it's the cap to pvc pipe if I recall. The caps basically function as a tank boot and holds the doubles still for him in a vertical orientation.

To use it he backs up to it and dons the gear.