View Full Version : ScubaPro KnightHawk w/ AIR2 BCD

12-28-2007, 16:02
Alright, Im selling my Knighthawk so I can get a BP/W setup.

The KnightHawk w/ AIR2 Retails for $720, Im asking $450. I know, sounds expensive, however this is a back inflate BC with solid backplate & the Air-integrated regulator/BC inflator

It's less than 4 months old and has less than 40 dives on it. It's a VERY NICE BC. Very comfortable in and out of the water. Very stable. (thanks to back inflate + a hard backplate) And, at 45lbs of lift, you can do anchor or outboard recovery :smiley20:

Notice the retractor on the right side. It looks like a pain to remove so Ill leave it on. ($30 value) I clipped my console to it. Works great.

I take very good care of my gear. Only half the dives have been in salt water. I rinse the outside AND inside after EVERY dive.

This BC looks, feels, and operates like its brand new. It comes with the operating manuals and Warranty Card for the AIR2.

Check out the pictures. Email me for specific pictures/questions/offers/shipping quote


Oh. It's a Medium. However ScubaPro BCs run a tad large. Im 6ft @ 180lbs (on a good day) and feel this BC could accomdate someone a good deal larger. I was border line small/medium.

12-29-2007, 20:59