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12-29-2007, 20:40
The following, if I can remember it all, is what we were required to do everyday for pt while I was in rookie school. I was undoubtly in the BEST shape I had ever been in. Not all of these you will have access to since our pt was done on the campus of Auburn University and used their facilities. One was the collisium where the tigers play basketball and if any of you have ever watched auburn football then you know just how big their stadium is. I will explain that part later. So anyways here we go:

Mondays: Collisium day - Had to run four laps up and down all the stairs until we returned back to the starting point. At the end, we had to run that in our turnout gear. The last monday of recruit school we had to run EVERY step in Jordan-Hare Stadium and after that we had to stand on the bleachers and hop up to the next bleacher. We started on one end of the upper deck and hopped up one section, walked down the steps, and back up the other section until we reached the end.

Tuesday: Track day - We had to run a mile and a half in 12 minutes, 50 pushups in two minutes (required two people, one person held their fist on the ground and the person who was doing the pushup was required to touch their chest to the fist), 50 situps in two minutes, and 6 pullups

Wednesday - 5 count body builders (hard to explain maybe can search google), 50 pushups and situps again. This day varied with the workouts.
Also had to do the gauntlet ( the field was approx. 2 football fields long and everytime we came to a light pole the two people in front had to bread off and do 20 pushups. You had to run in column of twos and each group of two was numbered 1 2 3 4 and so on. When you got to the front of the line if your number wasn't in order from the group in front of you everyone had to reline and start all over) And also had to do leg raises and flutter kicks and some different leg exercises.

Thursday - Long run day. First day we started at 4miles and the last day we had to run 12 - 14 miles.

Friday - We were required to do the Firefighter Challenge, which is shown on ESPN.

A lot of these things can be improbised. I know a lot of people don't have access to auburn university. I believe anyone can run the collisium but not Jordan-Hare Stadium. I was, like i said previously, without a doubt in the BEST shape ever and I am just ashamed that I did not keep up the excercise. Maybe this will help someone out in the future..


01-02-2008, 10:34
All that stuff, is very simular to Army basic training. I wouldn't if it were my program, make guys run in bunker gear, as its not 1500 compliant, and Firemen don't run, unless its to save a baby, or the worlds going to sh@t fast. I know a Fire school in my state, that will "drill," students by having them run in bunker gear with extension ladders on their shoulders:smiley29: if someone ever got hurt, OSHA would not like that drill. I hope that program wasn't too long, 'cause I know, running that combat challenge, even when your in shape, takes gas outta' the tank for a good week, even for a pup! Your state must have some buff pups coming out of the Academy, and that ain't too bad. I'm glad I don't have to try to pull that gig you did, as a 42yr. old salty Fireman. That work out, not only would make you strong, it would "weed," out the weak, much like Army/Marine basic does, too. If they still run it as tough as that? a female is one court case away from putting that baby to bed. I went to 'phillys Fire School two years ago, and they put them guys through the wringer, but they were new hires, but if this you listed, is just to get your state fire card? well, it's a new era, but you would be spittin' vinegar with this as your regimine. Just one hoser talkin' at another hoser, "lets not wax this truck all day, were not taking it to the fair.:smilie39:"

01-02-2008, 12:55
The only reason that I can think that we were made to do all that stuff is because the department that put it on, Auburn Fire Department, is majority college students trying to get a job as a student firefighter. Basically the city pays the "student firefighters" like $6 something an hour but they pay for the students tuition at the University. They are required to make a C or higher. If they fail to meet that standard then they are required to pay the city back. But I believe, like you said, they were just trying to weed out the ones that really do not want to be there. We started with 24 and graduated with 19. The school was 13 weeks long.

01-02-2008, 14:53
Thats cool, you'd have to really WANT to do this, to do that. I went back into the Guard, after a hitch in the Army, to get my Fire school. The DoD's Fire Academy is pretty good. We had PT five days a week, and had to pass the, "challenge," before we could graduate. We'd practice it every few weeks. I'm able to do the event, but you ain't gonna' see me on ESPN anytime soon competing in it. The DoD is IFSAC, so I got a civilian job with veterans points, pretty quick. They worked you dudes, thats for sure. I'm sure you felt like you did something when you were done. You worked for it:smiley20:

01-29-2008, 17:38
Wow... they made you guys work for it. BTW, I am an AU grad - c/o 2003. War Damn Eagle!