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Bali Diver
12-30-2007, 14:15
A question please re: the Oceanic Geo (currently on special on Scubatoys) nitrox capable dive computer wristwatch.

Althought the spec details on the Scubatoys site does not specify that it has a download capabilty the official Oceanic site does mention it in the specs.

I have read elsewhere that the Aeris Manta and Oceanic GEO are almost identical computers, and according to the Areis website the PC download (AERIS ACI Computer Interface) works with Aeris Atmos 2 computers (which my wife already owns).

Hers's the question: Does anyone know for sure if the AERIS ACI Computer Interface will work with the Oceanic GEO also?

Hope someone can help.

12-30-2007, 23:05
I can't say about the Manta vs. Geo. I would venture to say the first thing to look at is the connection-does it line up right? If so, put your Geo software on your computer and hook it up-see what happens.

I do know that the cable for the Atom 2.0 will work on the Geo.

Bali Diver
12-31-2007, 12:52
Thanks very much for the feedback Navyhmc.

All things considered I have re-thought my options. Originally I was liking the whole wristwatch idea that the GEO offered (and still do), but realistically I think I'm better off going with the Aeris XR-2 - larger display plus I know for sure that it will hook up to the download interface along with the Aeris Atmos 2 that my wife already has.

After the 10% scuba-board discount it is only a bit more expensive than the GEO would have been anyway.

Appreciate the reply.