View Full Version : What are the best regs for multi-position, ease and dryness

kauai diver
12-30-2007, 15:54
I have been reading everything I can find in the forum and elsewhere, and wanted some first hand advice on regs. I am looking in the $400/under range for a reg that breaths easy and dry in all positions. I have been leaning toward Zeagle and Oceanic, but I am open to suggestions.

Byte Me
12-30-2007, 17:49
Those were two of the features that were specifically mentioned about the Delta 4 - FDX10 that I just bought from ST. Give them a call everyone I talked to there about it was VERY high on it.

12-30-2007, 18:15
another good performer, and one of the reasons I purchased my Tusa RS460 regs was the dry in all positions aspect... it got solid reviews for having the same breathability at 10' as it did 130', and the other kudos it got was that it was exceptionally dry