View Full Version : NEW Si Tech dry glove..complete kit

12-30-2007, 19:52
I have a set of Si Tech dry gloves (http://www.scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=DiveRiteDrySuitGlove) for sale. You get all the rings, gloves and liners (large). I have had these on my suit but never dove them. I got them as a package when I ordered my dry suit. The above link is for the Dive Rite but they are the same system.

Asking $100 shipped to the lower 48. Might even be able to do it for AL & HI. If you catch me in a good mood I might even be willing to sell just the gloves or just the rest of the system.

01-07-2008, 08:25
Just used it today.. I got one with my DS. Works great for me..