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12-31-2007, 09:32
Does anyone out there dive a drysuit in the tropics? I see that DUI has a 30/30 they advertise as a tropical dry suit and I've also seen positive reviews about a Whites Fusion (not necessarily for tropical use).

The reason I ask is because my wife and I have extremely different cold tolerances. I'm comfortable diving in a swimsuit for 20+ dives a week on a liveaboard in 79 degree F water while my wife wears a new 5mm suit with a hood and usually calls the dive after 45-50 minutes because of cold. She has no interest in wearing her 7mm wetsuit due the "michelin man" factor and its bulk in packing for tropical trips.

For someone who is warm blooded (like me), would it be possible to dive a dry suit without underwear (just a skin underneath)?



12-31-2007, 21:22
wow, a bathing suit in 79F water? That is astonishing. But I have seen people swimming and free diving with just a bathing suit in the Florida Springs which are 68F top to bottom, year round.
However, because I could not tolerate a wetsuit until I managed to get broke in (not the suit, but I had to get broke in) I did my open water training checkout dives in only a skin in the Gulf when the water was 78F. I was slightly chilly but I have been just as chilly wearing a 1 mm in 85F so it has to be all in my mind.
Let me know about that tropical drysuit, I am strongly considering one.

01-01-2008, 12:38
wow... it goes to show you there is a huge difference in cold tolerances...

I dove a 2 mm shorty in 73 surface, 65 below the thermocline, and was just a tad chilly...

01-01-2008, 13:59
I was comfortable wearing my 7mm in 82 degree water in St. Croix (29 dives in one week). I have a DUI TLS350 on order.


01-12-2008, 18:54
I get cold just thinking about getting in the water. Once the water is above 80 though I can get by with a 3/2 full suit. I always pack a 3 mil vest and a beanie just in case though. It packs much smaller than a 7 mil would and provides that extra warmth that I sometimes want.

The 30/30 is an intriguing idea. It's definately worth exploring if your wife can't tolarate 80+ degree water. She'll have to try different undergarments to determine which will fit her needs in various conditions, and naturally carrying additional thermal insulation will add to the bulk when traveling.

As much as I enjoy diving dry in cold water, I'd rather dive wet when I can. It's a lot less hassle and I don't have to worry about flooding.

01-14-2008, 18:11
If travel weight is a factor, suits such as the Whites Fusion (~5lb, packs small, doesn't have attached booties) or the 30/30 really seem like a good idea. You can get away with reef shoes or thin wetsuit booties and they dry easily. Remember that you'll need to bring regs too (or a drysuit inflation hose and tools to attach it to rental regs).

01-14-2008, 20:36
Weight is always an issue when traveling -- especially when taking Island Hopper aircraft and our own equipment. I have been very interested in the Whites Fusion reviews. I also think that if I get my wife into a drysuit, it should open up some of the regional diving on weekends (Southern MO & Norther Arkansas lakes).

01-15-2008, 13:26
Totally. Greatest benefit of a drysuit, particularly a shell suit, is that it adapts to whatever temperature water you dive in by virtue of the undergarments used.

02-15-2008, 10:27
This is interesting to me. I have never dove in water warmer then 55 and I use my drysuit for buoyancy so it would make life a lot easier for me to think about getting one for myself when and if I ever get to dive in the tropics.