View Full Version : Credit were Credit is due

01-03-2008, 13:44
Ok I won't go into all the specifics of my order but I ordered a clearance Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit XXL recieved it and it was to big. I called ST about a return and exchange so I sent suit back and figured I would have new size in two weeks...wrong they shipped the replacement same day as I called. Acutally looking at the UPS tracking info they will recieve the returned suit on same day as I recieved the new size suit. In light of all the bad press scuba.com has gotten in a diff thread this just goes to show what good customer service is. Two thumbs up for Scubatoys you guys rock!!!

nuf said

Tom A
01-03-2008, 14:23
they are the best if you order wrong size are something helped me out a couple yrs ago