View Full Version : Which id better

01-03-2008, 18:07
Which camera is better the DC600 or the Sea and Sea 860?

01-03-2008, 18:13
I'm not a fan of either company's cameras. The housings are nice, but a good camera is more important than the perfect housing, so I'd rather have something from a real, well-regarded camera company, like Canon. Or Olympus. Or Fuji. Or Nikon (but only if we're talking dSLRs, for Nikon). Or even Sony.

01-03-2008, 19:28
i have a canon dSLR for surface pics, but I just bought a sea & sea for underwater shots since the budget couldnt handle the strobes, housings for my canon.

check my sig for the first time i used it underwater. good resolution and the 860g kit with strobe takes good shots. If I go pro, I'll spend the 3k for a good housing and maybe more if I want to go to a hi-def video setup, but the sea & sea has been great.