View Full Version : Wet Suit Seamtress

01-07-2008, 14:19
I've got a suit that need the arms shortened. I am an odd combination of sizes. Does anyone know someone in Dallas that can do a good job on 7mm wetsuit? Thanks!

01-08-2008, 06:34
Snyder, did you contact the manufacturer? Sometimes, they can do this kind of work for customers. Maybe worth a try....:smiley20:

01-08-2008, 13:37
I believe LiquidFit does a lot of alterations as well as entire custom suits if you strike out on a local place.

01-09-2008, 09:42
Try Chris from Terrapin Wetsuits (http://www.terrapinwetsuits.com/), her shop is in Central Texas near Canyon Lake. She does great alteration/add-on work to Stock wetsuits. Check out the Alterations section of the site for alteration instructions. Hope this helps.

01-10-2008, 10:13
Wow, thanks for the replies. Jay, I will look into that option. Also thanks to Compu... I will keep it all in mind. Codd Man it is a few years old and I just know that will be a circle jerk.