View Full Version : 3 Day Dive Trip In Kona

01-09-2008, 14:47
I will be going on a three day dive (6 dives) :cool:trip in kona starting tomorrow...I will post some pictures and talk about the dives on Sunday when I get back into town...hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!!


Tom A
01-09-2008, 18:08
have fun enjoy the diving

01-09-2008, 19:27
Can't wait to see the pics and hear about it. We're planning a Hawaii trip in 2009 and will be spending most of our time around Kona.

01-09-2008, 21:25
Sounds like a slice of heaven. Enjoy!

01-16-2008, 12:48
Sorry for taking so long to get back...I did not get any pics due to the fact that there were ten foot faces this past weekend in kona...i did do 3 boat dives this past Friday...the first site we dove the naked lady a wreck (60 foot sail boat) in kona bay it laid on her side about 110 foot down...the second dive was at a spot called black castle another 112 foot dive i do not recommend that you do back to back 100+ foot dives...the third was a place we pulled up to and jumped in... did not see much but saw a flame angle fish and baby spotted moray eel and a spotted eagle ray...we did do one shore dive outside the kona harbor and got up close and personal with a 12 foot manta ray...once again sorry for no pics. but it was just too sporty for a camera...

Til next time