View Full Version : Sholder Strap Adjustment

01-12-2008, 20:59
Can the shoulder straps on the "Ranger" be Adjusted to fit a smaller than standard size?

I have an opportunity to buy a "Ranger" used for a good price, but it is a large, the waste will barely fit me but with a wet suit I would be OK but the shoulder to waist is too big, I need a med in the shoulder.

Can they be opened up and adjusted like the "Concept" model? or how much would it be to change them out? If it would be more than $50 that makes the total (BC shipping and size adjustment) more than I would to spend on a used one.

Any and all help would be GREAT.

01-12-2008, 21:05
a new shoulder piece is gonna be about $75. I was gonna do something similar until I heard that price.