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01-13-2008, 18:15
So I was diving in jupiter around 90 feet down on saturday. This was my 2nd dive with the computer Aeris Atmos 2 and I guess after using the computer downloader some settings got switched (you can change settings through the computer program) When I got down I realized that my computer was somehow set on the metric system, This really scared me as I was not sure of the conversions from metric to feet (I know now that if you multiply the metric number by 3 it will give you a roughly what it is in feet.) the problem is with the Aeris atmos 2 once you are in the water you can not scroll through and change settings so I had to rely on my buddies computer for depth (thankfully my pressure was a seperate guage as in my computer is not integrated) If I had not had my buddy I would have been screwed.

Just a fair warning for anyone that dives this computer or has a computer whos settings cant be changed underwater make sure it is using the correct form of measurement you would like it to use.

Tom A
01-13-2008, 18:48
thanks for the info bet it did freak you out

01-13-2008, 19:47
just a little advice - make it a point to learn the metric system... I did and it makes the whole world just that much easier...

01-13-2008, 19:56
When I got down I realized that my computer was somehow set on the metric system, This really scared me as I was not sure of the conversions from metric to feet

If I had not had my buddy I would have been screwed.

I dont really follow this. You drop down and then realise something is wrong.Call the dive and ascend. Simple. No big deal.

Always good to do a mental sanity check on the info a computer is giving you. I managed to drop down to 100 feet on one dive and found my computer giveing me an NDL of 28 minutes. Fortunately I realised I had it set to 32% nitrox and not the air that I was actually breathing.(Aeris computers do not give the O2% during a dive) If I had not had a good feel for air and 32% NDL's though it could have been painful.

01-13-2008, 20:05
ahh didnt ascend stuck out the dive (there were sharks) also a bit hard to do before the dive, 0 is 0 in metric and imperial and it doesnt show you temperature untill you get in the water, so unless I expected something... I will probably be going through the settings just to make sure next time though

01-13-2008, 20:39
The same thing happened to me when I first purchased my Vyper. I had it installed in a console setup and never thought about it. I just did a short shallow dive. I couldn't change it untill the no fly time disappeared.

01-13-2008, 21:46
For the most part, such problems whould not be a big concern. Liek you said, just divide by 3 and you're in the ball park. Plus, the computer still reads minutes remaining as minutes remaining-there is no metric time equivalent.

I have dove on dives where I rented or borrowed gear that turns out to be totally metric-no problem, the rule of 3's still works. The best case I had was when a guy had a rented regulator w/spg that was metric (kg/mm or something). In the end, I used that rig and let him use my "standard" system rig. I couldn't/didn't translate the different reading into standard, rather just hooked it up to a full tank, looked at the reading and then figured 1/3 to turn, 1/3 reserve and anything in that red zone area is bad. Went on with the dive without a problem.

Most problems are problems when you allow them to be.

01-14-2008, 07:21
It's great to know that you managed your crisis well. Also a great reminder to those of us who dive water activated computers to always CHECK your computer before you leave the shore or boat. I always turn mine on to check tank psi, but I think I might add a quick scroll through the screens to my pre-dive check from now on. Thanks for the heads-up!

No Misses
01-14-2008, 08:46
I dive an Aeris Elite AI. It uses the same download program as the other Aeris, and Oceanic DCs. I have never had problems with the download software changing any of my settings. I think that that was just a fluke in your case. As for being able to change your settings once a dive has started, I can see why this should not be allowed. This DC is not a multigas super computer. Could you imagine the effort that would have to be made on the programmers part to allow changing of dive parameters during a dive? A simple example would be starting your dive with an imperial RDP and then changing to a metric one half way through the dive. What was your pressure group when you switched between the two formats? Now, this is an oversimplified example. But, you get my point.

I have had the same delema. I have started a dive and then realized that I did not change my EAN percentage. It was a shallow dive so I surfaced and attempted to make the change. I found out that my DC sees any surface interval of less than 5 minutes to be a continuation of the same dive. Thus, I had to wait 5 minutes before it would let me change my nitrox settings. It was a PIA at the time. But, I understand why it has to be that way.

As a programmer, the less lines of code that you have, the less likely you are to have an error. The KISS principal in action :-)

Happy diving! I hope to C U on the water soon!

01-14-2008, 09:04
Great lesson learned, I'll definitely keep an eye on mine.

Although (kidding here):

I wondered why at 90 feet it was darker than normal.....

That'd suck. 180+- with an AL100. :)