View Full Version : SeaLife SL320 ReefMaster Mini VS. Sealife DC600

01-15-2008, 16:15
I know of a guy who has a used sealife dc600 with digital strobe that he said he would sale for about $500. I am planning on going on a cruise in may to Cozumel and would love to have an underwater camera (and possibly a strobe) I was looking at the reefmaster mini and for the cost I really liked it ($250).I also looked at the dc600 w/ strobe. Brand New that camera cost approx. $950. He said there was nothing wrong with the camera,just wanting to sale it. I was wondering if it was really worth spending an extra $250+ for the dc600. I have only taken uw pic with cheap disposable cameras, just wanting some input from anyone.


07-23-2009, 11:17
that is a pretty good price for the sealife dc 600

08-04-2009, 20:49
That is a good price for the DC600, and with a strobe, is a no brainer as compared to a lesser camera with out the external flash. You can get some very nice pictures with that set up.