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Blue Moon
01-20-2008, 11:39
The intent of this thread is to be a place for all members to showcase your best daily shots with kindred spirits. Most of us donít have an opportunity to dive everyday so topside shots are encouraged as well as underwater imagery when the opportunity arises.

The idea is to have a place to display your art as well as share your knowledge with those that are on the same journey. The more we shoot the better we will become so whether youíre learning how to use your first camera or working on your next cover shot, please share your journey with the rest of us.

Iíll get started with a few recent shots.





Looking forward to seeing your daily shots -

Blue Moon

01-20-2008, 14:49
I love this guy.

01-20-2008, 14:52
And while not a great pic, It was my first seahorse:

Blue Moon
01-20-2008, 23:51
Cheddar Chick Ė I dream about sea horses so thanks for sharing your images. In my land locked area of Texas, this is as close as I get to any horsesÖ


01-24-2008, 22:25
Here is a couple of picture taken on todays dive. The vis was about 3-4m.



Nikon D80, Nikkor 105mm


Blue Moon
02-06-2008, 23:15
Aussie - Love your shots but they make me miss Oz. I was fortunate to visit often over a five year period but it has been too long since my last time to dive the GBR, enjoy Moreton Bay Bugs or watch a match at the MCG... Australia is the closest place to Texas that I've found and with over 100 country stamps in my passport I've visited most. I always look forward to my next visit to Oz.

One of the things that we all love about diving is the freedom that we experience in a weightless state. I get a similar experience flying aerobatics in my Staudacher S300, a plane that I built over a 1.5 year period. Nothing like viewing the world rush by at 300 MPH inverted over the runway...

It was a good friend's birthday this weekend so I let him saddle up for his first flight in the Staudacher. Here is a shot from that flight.

For those curious about the shot we have a private grass runway so it makes it easy to get close. Mike was flying over 200 MPH and I was panning at 210mm with my Canon 30D and 100-400L. I used IS Mode 1 today since I knew that I'd have some vertical motion. Shutter 1/125, ISO 320, f/16


Blue Moon