View Full Version : FS Misc stuff

01-20-2008, 18:29
Can anyone use any of this? Rather than try and nickel and dime it I'd rather someone take it all. Just some stuff I've accumulated.

Old Healthways metal reg I got with some other misc. pieces, had it checked out, cleaned, and exhaust valves replaced. Works good, but it IS old gear! Includes good LP hose and original mouthpiece.

Otterbox 2500, bought new from ST, but I ordered the wrong one. ST price $16.95

Otterbox 1000, purchased at LDS, and it's red w/diver down scheme. Used once. Paid $14.00. ST sells the same box in black for $7.95.

Dual gauge console boot, very nice shape, still nice and pliable, no cracks or any other problems.

Three misc. BC clips (for hoses, gauges, etc.) Never used, but paid $7.99 each at LDS.

How about $65.00 shipped Priority in the USA for all of it?