View Full Version : Disappointed with 1st Transaction with ScubaToys

01-30-2008, 02:24
This is my first transaction with ScubaToys.

I ordered the Pinnacle Merino Lined 3mm Torso Heater (Men's ML).
Pinnacle Torso Heater , Wetsuits: Men, Pinnacle Wetsuits, Pinnacle Torso Heater (http://scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=PinnacleTorsoHeater)

BUT the product that arrived is this product, Pinnacle Merino Elastiprene 3mm Hooded Vest,
Pinnacle Merino Elastiprene 3mm Hooded Vest - Mens, Wetsuits: Men, Pinnacle Wetsuits, Pinnacle Merino Elastiprene 3mm Hooded Vest - Mens (http://scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=Pinnacle_Merino_Elastiprene_ 3mm_Hooded_Vest_Mens)

And the stitches on the left arm hole have come on done.

This is NOT the product I ordered or need?

This is very disappointing as I have an upcoming diving trip on 15th February and need the ordered product for this trip.

ScubaToys Larry
02-06-2008, 13:57
Ok everyone... I'm closing this thread, and I will take it down in a bit...

The original poster had a post saying he was disappointed in an order with us... and it was 100% our fault. I admit that. We sent the wrong product to his address in the states. When we were notified it was the wrong product, we checked and did not have the proper one in stock. We needed to know if we should send it to the same address as the last time, as then we were just going to have the manufacturer drop ship it and it would have been there the next day.

Communication due to time zones, email issues... who knows, made responses a bit slow, but when we learned that he needed it shipped overseas instead, we had the manufacturer rush us one as they would not drop ship overseas.

Now the proper suit will be heading his way and all will be good. I don't feel there needs to be more comments about his postings, or the situation as a whole. It is soon resolved.

I'm not going to take the thread down because it talks about a goof up we made... I don't censor things like that - but some of the posts toward the original poster are not fair in my feelings - so I killing the whole thing.

I'm going to leave his first post - and this post - then lock it and kill everything in between for the good of the board, and hopefully not scaring people away from ever complaining about a problem they had with us. I appreciate the support of folks on behalf of our company, but I don't like some of the negative twists they made - so thus my actions.

It's the only way we can strive to constantly improve is if we know we goofed up, and find ways to not in the future.

If anyone feels my handling of this thread is in error, please PM me.