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01-31-2008, 21:51
From what I know, exercise and diving don't mix...when you do one following the other(dive after exercise/exercise after dive). Specifically, I am looking for opinions on running after you have done a couple of dives. I am going on a trip, where I am diving at least twice in the morning, with a possible afternoon dive, but still need to get some miles in. How long should I wait after diving? I am thinking a minimum of two hours, but just don't really know. Obviously, depth/time play a factor, as does multiple days of diving. Also, I think that it would be a precaution to take it really easy on the runs, without getting my heartrate too high. Opinions? Any researchers out there with some data? Places to find data? THANKS!!!!

01-31-2008, 21:59
Do you have the option of running prior to diving in the mornings? I've heard that diving after exercising is no problem.

01-31-2008, 22:02
Here is a link to help you with your running question. I was actually thinking the same thing today. Strange. I started the Nike+ipod challenge last week.

DAN Divers Alert Network : Exercise Training and Scuba Diving (http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/medical/faq/faq.asp?faqid=166)

02-01-2008, 00:16
I don't know how smart this was but, I've run a pretty long way after diving a few times, I use my dive tables to figure when I'm back in the "A" range I figure I'm as safe as I'm going to get. For my diving so far it usually takes around 2-3 hrs and I'm back to "A" or less so to speak.

02-01-2008, 11:11
I'd say it depends on how long and deep the dive was as to how much you should do. My rule of thumb for exercise after diving is the same as it is for flying. I lump the two into the same category.

02-01-2008, 15:21
Here is a link to help you with your running question. I was actually thinking the same thing today. Strange. I started the Nike+ipod challenge last week.

DAN Divers Alert Network : Exercise Training and Scuba Diving (http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/medical/faq/faq.asp?faqid=166)

That DAN article is excellent, but then again, which ones aren't. I particularly liked their analogy about "shaking up the soda". That just makes so much sense.

As a former runner and triathlete myself, I understand the addiction, and once insisted on running every day while in St. John's. Then I met the hills on Day 1 and found that I enjoyed my trip much more by not stressing about running and enjoying the other physical activities I did such as swimming, snorkeling (which I did quite a bit of before getting into diving), hiking, dancing, and just walking around and checking out the sites. Never underestimate how much walking you can do on a trip. Plus, allowing your body a week off from running, and doing another activity may in fact do your body some good and prevent some overuse injuries.

02-01-2008, 15:40
I would think that with a full day of diving, and all of the related activities, you'd be getting enough exercise to skip the running for that day.

02-03-2008, 15:00
Thanks for all the great replies!!!! I found the DAN article a few minutes after posting this, among other articles. Again, no surprise that this article was the best and most comprehensive that I found. As far as running before...sure, if I got up at 4am...probably not going to happen. Everything that has been said already is quite useful. I am at the front end of training for a marathon, so I do need to get some running in while away. Using a composite of the DAN info, along with what you have all said, my plan is this:
1. Wait a minimum of 3 hours before running.
2. Take it easy on the runs...log the miles, but at a very slow, easy pace.
3. Only do deep deco dives on non-running days.
4. Don't stress about NOT running on some of the usual running days (the day off will help avoid overuse injury).
5. Nitrox, Nitrox, Nitrox.

Thanks again everybody!

icandy, good luck on your challenge! Don't forget to have FUN while doing the challenge...that will help you complete it.

02-03-2008, 20:50
Exercise after diving for me is no problem. But then I'm already too tired to even evercise after anyway.

02-05-2008, 10:43
This was a great post, thanks for the info and links. It's something I've never thought about. I tend to run first thing in the morning or last thing at night and my diving is always during the early half of the day. This post was a big eye-opener.

02-15-2008, 00:54
Run in the morning before and wait to run afterwards. Provided Ill be up to it after a dive.

03-24-2008, 21:44
Thanks for the link. It's a good link.

03-24-2008, 23:14
Just don't run up any mountains too fast, you wouldn't want to get the bends! :)