View Full Version : Brigade and Zeagle octo

01-31-2008, 22:11
I bought two Brigades over the phone from Scuba Toys today. I was wondering if anyone knew of any issues I should be aware of. What do you think of having a Zeagle octo combination on the bc? I ordered that as well, haven't used one before though. Wondering if they are really safe and easy to use?

Diver Kat
01-31-2008, 22:33
Do you mean the Zeagle Octo Inflator? I've had one on my Zeagle Zena for years now and it's worked well. One less hose to worry about, and I've had no problems when needing to 'share air' with a buddy ...

01-31-2008, 23:46
Yes, I did mean the Zeagle Octo Inflator. I am pretty new to all of the terms and names of the gear. I always rented before and have only been certified for a year. Thanks. I was just wondering if they breathed as well and were as safe as a standard octo.

02-01-2008, 01:14
Mine (also on a Brigade) breaths very well, purges easily and puts air in and out of my BC just fine.

And I LOVE the ability to (a) remove the Octo-Z from the BC with the easy-to-use hose fitting and store it with the rest of the regulator and (b) hook up a garden hose to clean out the BC's bladder.

02-01-2008, 05:46
I am not a fan of octo/inflators, but I have to admit that the new Zeagle Octo-Z looks pretty interesting.