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02-02-2008, 15:18
First of all, I have never dove a dry suit, but I am planning on giving it a go this year. I am going to look at a retired safety/recovery divers used gear tomorrow. Among the gear is his Harvey's dry suit that is a few years old (I think he said 2004). In talking to him about it, he said it is like 6.5 mm and the seals are neoprene. I am guessing like this Harvey's (http://www.harveys-divesuits.com/drysuits/Default.aspx)
I would like your opinions on this. As far as the "where will it be used" question, cold water as in Lake Superior (and possibly Ice diving is in the future). I am not asking IF I should try a dry suit, but how would you expect THIS dry suit to perform. I am thinking a lot of weight would be needed, but he dove it with 26 lbs, which is not as much as I would have expected.
Any other things to look out for when I goo to look at it?

02-03-2008, 08:20
Last month I took my Drysuit Cert class in a Harvey's. It's kinda hard to find information on them. I did some research because the shop I took the class from was going to give me a deal on a new Harveys since I took the class with them. Here is what little I know.

I was very impressed with the suit I used. It was a crushed neoprene not like the blue one you have listed, but it was more gray. The instructor was wearing the blue Harveys. We were diving in 42 degree water and I was perfectly dry and comfortable. I was wearing 30 pounds of weight which was a little on the high side. I typically wear 26 with a full 7mm, 3mm hooded vest and hood, gloves, etc.

I ended up buying a SeaSoft crushed neo, only because I got a good deal on it used. I think I would have bought the Harveys if I didn't come across what I did. I have dove both the Harveys and SeaSoft and basically they are the same suit. I guess a crushed neo is a crushed neo, basically.

My delimma as you can see in the forum was between the trilam or the crushed neo. You can read the threads on all that.

My input is that if you want to go with the crushed neo and this is a good deal money wise and if it is in good shape it should do fine for you. I tend to get cold easily at depth and the trilams I had tried didn't do much for me in the warmth area; thus, the crushed neo. But, others have had good luck with the trilams depending on the undergarmets. What I learned from talking to a lot of people on the crushed neo, is basically, there isn't much difference in them from one manufacturer to another. I'm sure there is room for debate here, but the Harveys I tried and my SeaSoft are basically the same suit, with a few different accessories.

S. Nagel

02-03-2008, 08:50
Thanks snagel. From what I understood, this is not a crushed neo suit. The guy is selling a large package of gear and won't split it up, so I have to figure if I want to mess with selling the things I don't want.
I will post back after I look at it. At this point, I think a I am leaning away from it, but who knows.

02-03-2008, 08:53
What else is the guy selling? Fins would probably be something you need since many drysuits have foot pockets larger than your normal wetsuit boot would be.

02-03-2008, 09:06
No fins. He has 2BC's with Air 2's, 6.5 mm full suit with hood and 3 finger mits, 2 al 80's, sherwood reg set, the Harveys dry suit and an older wet suit. Most of the gear is from 2004, and the package is for $925.:dunno:

02-03-2008, 10:27
I would say it depends on what size and brand the BC's are as to whether it's worth it or not. Tanks are useful if they're newer and maybe the regulator depending on model. If it's a Brut I wouldn't be too keen on it. To me the only items of interest are the tanks and drysuit. I'd never consider a used wetsuit. BC's might be interesting depending... I'd bet you could get 4 or 5 hundred on ebay for the stuff minus the drysuit.

02-03-2008, 12:01
Well, the dry suit will need a neck seal soon, so I don't think I will get it. I did email Harvey's to see what the cost to replace it is. It fit well, but it was a workout to get into! Other than the neck seal it is in decent shape, no other problems that I could see.
The rest of the gear is nice, but I have no need for it except tanks.