View Full Version : Cayman Brac Reef Beach Resort vs. Little Cayman Reef Resort

02-07-2008, 00:20
I understand they are "sister" resorts. What are the main differences between the two?

02-07-2008, 01:17
I have dove both places on trips through dive shops...

I can say both are really class acts. If you like only touching your equipment when you drop it off on the first day and when you take it back on the final day, then they are great operations.

The boats and staff at both resorts are first class, as of Feb 2007, my last time in the Caymans.

Little Cayman is much more isolated and you feel it, although that is not a bad thing, I really enjoyed the simplicity of it all. Cayman Brac offers more of the "normal" small island feel.

Both LC and CB offer trips to each others sites (upcharge). However, if you want great wall diving Little Cayman has it. If you want good diving and a wreck go to Cayman Brac. Or go to Little Cayman and dive the BB Wall all week, you won't be upset, and pay a little extra one day to have them take you over to the wreck on Cayman Brac, you still get the other dives on Little Cayman and the upcharge isn't much. To me that is the best of both places.


02-08-2008, 07:41
I only visited Brac Reef but have stayed at LCBR a bunch of times. When talking to people that have done both, I am left with the impression that folks staying on the Brac are trying to get on trips to Little Cayman much more than the other way around. For example, one of our first trips to Little Cayman, we met folks on the plane that were splitting their time between the 2 resorts, then ran into them again when they got to LC. They were really wishing they had just spent their whole trip on LC.

One advantage of the Brac, is that there is some jet service so you might be able to avoid the puddle jumper and it's luggage restrictions. (The small plane gives you a nice view but tends to get booked up at popular times of the week.)

When I was at Brac Reef I thought it didn't look quite as nice as LCBR, but that was a long time ago and I don't know what might have changed. I did like the layout and atmosphere of LCBR more, BR stuff was further away from the water, and that won't have changed. BR is still certainly a nice enough place, though.

I enjoyed the other sites we dove at the Brac as much or more than the wreck, but they did start much deeper than most sites you dive on LC.