View Full Version : Paradise Springs Sunday 2/10

02-09-2008, 08:44
hey A couple guys on the SB Florida Conch Divers forums and I are going to paradise springs tomorrow anyone down? we would meet at 10:30 for 2 dives

02-10-2008, 19:39
Thought Id post a lil review here. Now paradise springs is closed and there are bars over the entrance preventing diving so dont come ever again lol.

just kidding just kidding the dive was awesome we all were there at around 10:20 and the got in the water at around I would say 11 The water was a nice 74 deg F. We went down to the bottom 95 ft or so for the first 10-15min and just chilled out there a couple went into the cave. I noticed someone fixed the sign back into its frame with some cave line which was nice. Then we wandered our way back up the slope toward the entrance and shallower depths.

When we got up there at around 15-20 feet we just chilled the rest of the dive around 20-25 minutes. I concentrated on blowing some bubble rings, and one of the divers found a bone, that we passes around. Then one of us went over to the fake dinosaur and stuck it in its mouth lol.

I thumbed the dive at around 40 min in the water when I had around 1800 psi cause I was getting a bit cold in my 3/2 mm. We then did an hour long sit and just sat out in the sun for awhile.

Once geared back up we headed back down to the bottom for a bit less of a time. I got Narcd this time a bit I think the first time I have ever been conciously narcd or well at least feeling a bit loopy. At one point I thought hay im just going to go down to the bottom of the cave and touch the bottom. My next thought being *** you loopy bastard you must be narcd being only OW trained I didnt feel like this was the best idea.

On the way back up I practiced blowing some more bubble rings, and also tried out the back kick for the first time didnt go too bad. The week earlier I had found a video online demonstrating it so I just tried to mimick it. Back at around 15-20 feet I practiced a couple other skills like mask removal and such. I figure if I am going to be taking my AOW soon that they might make me do the skills.

All in all they were great dives, and I love Paradise springs for its natural beauty, great visibility, and relative privacy from huge dive groups. Back on the surface we all decided to hit up sonnys for lunch which was a nice ending to a nice dive day.

I had fun guys we need to do it again some time