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02-19-2008, 13:53
Hi-Can anyone give me a site to locate a repair type diagram of the corrugated inflator hose. I unscrewed mine to clean it after diving at Cozumel. An o-ring was in my tub, at least one inch diameter. it fits on 2 spots, I dont want to guess. thanks kev (ps, my bc is a brigade.)

02-19-2008, 14:29
This link will get you to an Oceanic pull dump valve and inflator but it may not help much. The great thing about o-rings is that if it is used to seal something (as it usually is), it will leak if it is not installed. I'd try it in both possible places. If ther is a leak in one place but not the other, you have your answer.

Or, if the locations are seperated enough, leave it out and see which one leaks

No Misses
02-19-2008, 14:30
I assume that you are talking about the over pressure valve assembly where the inflator attaches to the BC. If so, it is very important that this gets put together correctly. I know of at least one fatal accident that was caused by this very issue (diver lost boyancy on a wall dive). With that warning/disclaimer out of the way, You may be able to reassemble it yourself. If you have any doubts, take it to your LDS. They should put it back together for free (simple procedure). They may charge you for an "Annual Preventive Maintenance". It depends on your relationship with the LDS.

Good luck.

02-21-2008, 07:23
i had my brother take his apart for illustrative purposes... (not same BC.. but same concept)

is the center piece in the picture the one you have left over?


02-25-2008, 07:20
That gasket goes inside the bladder flange on the shoulder. Then you screw the RE fitting down tightly. ***Make sure that there is no material pushed up around the threads or it will not seal tightly!***

Once you have it together, manually inflate the BC and let it sit overnight or something to insure that it is holding air.