View Full Version : West Palm Beach Saturday Feb 23

02-20-2008, 14:38
Hello all. There is a group of divers from orlando coming down to west palm to dive with Capt. Dave Brown on Little Deeper Charters. Capt. Dave recently moved his boat from Boynton beach to the Riviera beach marina. We are looking for more people to go diving with us, we have enough to run a morning dive, but wouldnt mind having more, and there are only two of us signed up for the afternoon dive, and we need more in order to go out on a second trip. Contact Capt. Dave at littledeepercharters.com or via phone 561-436-5299. Dave is a good Capt. and i have had nothing but good dives with him.

02-21-2008, 14:45
You will get better responses if you post a little more details to it. Such as, what dive sites, depth, etc...

02-21-2008, 15:43
The captain will usually pick a dive site unless one is requested by factors such as current number of expirienced divers, number of dive boats on a certain dive site etc. So it is hard to set that up before hand.

As to depths the good stuff out of west palm beach is in around 70-90 feet of water.