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07-10-2007, 11:39
Anyone recommend a dry bag to keep things like my log book andstuff like that in? I have a great boat bag but it lacks a dry space.

07-10-2007, 12:54
The Akona drybag is pretty nice. It's big enough to keep your towel and t-shirt in also, which on a dive boat will get soaked it seems almost anywhere you put it.
<DIV>EDIT: I can't seem to find the Akona clear/mesh drybag.Perhaps they don't make it anymore?</DIV>
<DIV>I've got a very small dry box that I keep my wallet, camera, keys, cell phone. log book, etc in . MIght want to consider that. The dry box protects the electronics stuff a little better.</DIV>
<DIV>Looks like larry and Joe sell this bag. They can prob order the Akona bag for you. I like it a little better because it's clear and you can see in it.</DIV>
<DIV>As for a dry box, look at something like the Otter Box</DIV>

07-10-2007, 13:41
for small stuff, i just use the mask box. it's see through, and big enough for wallet, sunglasses etc.
<DIV>the log book might fit into it if it's the paperback version.</DIV>

07-10-2007, 17:47
I have the redbag I got from scubatoys it is is a little big....should have gotten the blue one

07-30-2007, 17:50
Another great place to look for dry bags is REI. That's where my husband and I got ours. On our trip to Cozumel earlier this summer, we ended up renting out space in my dry bag to one of the guys on our trip who brought his digital camera in a makeshift "dry" bag (double bagged Ziplocs). I love my drybag for the simple fact that I can keep any clothes/towels dry for after the dive. It also helps keep some of my smaller items together - my sunglasses, sunblock, things like that. They don't need to be in a waterproof bag, but keeping them separate from my boat bag helps to ensure that they don't get misplaced when I am pulling my gear out and putting it together.


07-30-2007, 19:40
Another use for a drybag is to put your wetsuit or drysuit in after you dive, it keeps the car dry then.

07-30-2007, 20:11
I have the redbag I got from scubatoys it is is a little big....should have gotten the blue one

Same here, got it a few weeks ago. The thing that worries me is this is cheap Chinese plastic where the top is a slit cut in the plastic and the ends terminated with a bit of texturing. Looks like it could easily start tearing if not handled with kid gloves. I haven't used it yet so maybe my fears are unfounded but I plan to add some duct tape at the ends as reinforcement just in case.

07-30-2007, 22:17
I have a backpack style drybag which is a little large. I keep a towel and t-shirt in it but everything else stays in the car. I also have a small otter box for my tools, o-rings, save-a-dive stuff.