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02-25-2008, 16:26
I just purchased a Mini and noticed that the maximum memory card to be used in the camera is stated as 1GB in the instruction manual.

I emailed ReefMaster's Tech Support about using a larger card, and this was their response:

"You can use a 2 gig at the time we designed the camera the 1gig card was the largest card available.

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Charles R
02-25-2008, 17:05
Thanks for posting I was wondering the same thing about the DC600 noe I know

02-25-2008, 17:20
there have been some reports of camera lockups on the older reefmaster when using the bigger memory cards. (of course Pioneer won't advertise that).

02-25-2008, 18:45
Thanks for the info, I was wondering the same thing but didn't want to buy a card just to find out if it would work.

02-25-2008, 21:18
I've got the DC310.... IT advertises in the manual that the 256mb card is the biggest it can use.

I've used the 512mb card in it before and typically don't have any problems. Every now and then I have a write problem. like a double image or something. I've been told the larger cards have the problem. This happened maybe 1% of the time.

simple solution was for me just to use one of the smaller cards and I've not had a problem.

most recently I used a microSD card in a SD shoe-horn/adapter. it worked fine.

I've found the SanDISK cards work good in them. that's what Pioneer reccomends also.

02-25-2008, 21:30
I prefer to carry multiple cards in case one has problems like corupted files, lost or damaged...all of your photos are not on the same card.