View Full Version : St Andrews Jetties and Vortex March 13 and 14

02-26-2008, 02:42
I know it's a Thursday and Friday, but I'm off a lot during the week and it's spring break time for some. I'll be teaching an AOW class those days, but our classes are small so there's usually room for someone else to tag along on the dives if you can't find a buddy. If you don't mind hanging out during the surface interval while I'm briefing the dives and having to hang out for a few minutes here and there during the dive while skills are being done, come on out and dive with us. Most of our training dives focus on diving, working on buoyancy, and doing the skills during the dive not kneeling on the bottom, so if you want to get wet and don't mind tagging along, you're more than welcome. We'll be at both locations at 8am and staying most of the day. We're even planning a night dive on the 14th. Hope to see you there!