View Full Version : Sealife DC Series - Clean the Battery Contacts!

02-26-2008, 21:13
My love with my DC600 faded after a few dives. My battery life went from 150+ pictures, down to 50 or so. At first I thought I had a problem with the charger. It would charge for only half an hour or so and stop; but it would resume charging if put in the charger at an angle.

I contacted Sealife and was promised a new charger under warranty. 3 months later, it looks like the charger will never come. Mean while, the problem is getting worse. On my last dive, i charged it overnight, and setup the camera in the morning. By the time i got to the dive site the camera displaid a low battery! Somehow I figured out that by putting pressure on the battery it would display a full charge...

Hmmm, did my charger AND camera go bad at the same time? Doubtfull. That leaves only one thing... the battery! After cleaning the contacts with alcohol and a que tip, the battery is working like new!

Maybe the problem was obvious to other people, (hush Puffer) but Ive never had battery contacts go bad on me so quickly. So, a little word to Sealife owners.... Keep your battery contacts clean!

02-26-2008, 21:22
Good info! i'll make that part of my gear prep now!