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02-27-2008, 12:01
come on Joe & Larry.. where's all the "party supplies" for a patio party?

need some string lights - little BCDs, tanks or Diver Down Flags or various water creatures

tableware - Diver Down Flag centerpiece or tank centerpiece and table cover, plates and cups

wearables - party lanyards, pirate do-rags or mardi-gras style beads/necklace or glowsticks

balloons and banners with those great scuba catchphrases "Scuba Divers Stay Down Longer" or some such thing.. and some party favors

island style wall decorations and game ideas like "snorkel for the apple"

... what else?? :partysmiley::partyguy:

No Misses
02-27-2008, 12:16
Though I hate to plug any other shop on this forum, you may want to try Diversdirect.com. They have a lot of that "Surface Interval" Stuff.

02-27-2008, 12:34
DD? not the one in Orlando I dont think

02-27-2008, 13:51
Though I hate to plug any other shop on this forum, you may want to try Diversdirect.com. They have a lot of that "Surface Interval" Stuff.

a quick search for "decoration" and "party" didn't come up with anything...

No Misses
02-27-2008, 13:55
Try "Gifts and Goodies" on DD main page. They have scuba beverage coasters, Glasses, mugs, figurines etc.

02-27-2008, 14:03
Although not specifically SCUBA themed, here is a great source for tropical themed party supplies. Their customer service is excellent!
Luau Party Decorations (http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=browse&origin=catalogProducts.jsp&event=catalog&categoryId=377380&sp=true&cm_re=PS-_-Luau-_-F1L5)

02-27-2008, 15:25
some of this is obviously geared more for little kids, but.. still.. i did find something finally!! it wasnt from DD tho.. it was from Ocean Party Ideas at Birthdayinabox.com ...even had a list of "games" that i'm sure could be tweaked for grownups :D

Decorating & Food Ideas

Fun Ideas to Set the Mood

Make scuba masks by cutting 1"-wide, oval-shaped borders out of heavy paper and taping clear cellophane behind them. Fasten a length of elastic string to the left and right sides of each mask so that your partygoers can wear them.

Make a treasure chest by covering a large shoebox with brown construction paper and strips of gold foil or glitter paint. Fill it with shells, plastic necklaces, craft "jewels," and plastic gold coins.
Purchase Styrofoam rings at a craft store and wrap them with red ribbon to make life preservers to hang from the back of each guest's chair.
Cover the table(s) with disposable, blue-colored tablecovers and decorate them with sand, faux pearls and seashells.
Use sea-life beanies or stuffed animals as decorations.
Hang or float bunches of blue and green latex balloons, interspersed with fish-shaped Mylar balloons for contrast.
Twist together blue and green streamers, and hang them along the walls and doorway(s) in the party area. For a fun touch, hang long strips of streamers in a row across the main entryway to the party area, creating a curtain for your guests to pass through as they come and go.
Cut out fish, octopi and starfish from construction paper or a coloring book. Hang them from streamers or tape them to the walls throughout the party area.
Deep-Sea Delectables

if you have the time and would like to serve some ocean-themed treats, consider these ideas:

Make "Sea Water" by coloring pitchers of apple juice with blue food coloring. You can even add plastic plants purchased from a local aquarium- or pet-supply store.
Use homemade or store-bought, refrigerated biscuit dough to make Shell Biscuits. Press your thumb into the bottom half of each circle of dough to make an indentation, then make four or five shallow cuts along the top to create a scalloped edge. After you bake the biscuits, add a dollop of your child's favorite jelly to the indented area.
Make Octopus Ice Cream Balls by placing eight licorice strings on each child's plate, followed by a large and then a small ball of ice cream. Finish off your octopi by using icing or candy to give them faces.
Serve fish-shaped cookies

02-28-2008, 23:35
You know, I am surprised that out of the BAZILLION shops here in New Orleans that sell Mardi Gras beads, I have NEVER seen a set with a scuba theme!

02-29-2008, 00:14
How about a keg shapes like a tank?

02-29-2008, 15:11
Are we all invited to the party?

02-29-2008, 17:10
Are we all invited to the party?

well of course..

03-01-2008, 22:51
All you need for a SCUBA themed party is a pool and some tanks!

(instead of cake, give everyone a tube of icing. Tasty snack for deco divers and party divers alike! )