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02-28-2008, 14:51
My husband, Jeff, has submitted a pic from one of his latest dive trips for an Extreme Divers Photo Contest @ scuba.com. http://www.scuba.com/scubagames/extremediver/contest.asp It is currently in 2nd place and he could use your vote! I was hoping you guys would do me a quick favor. :0) Please follow the link and cast your vote - - - for his pic if you actually do like it best. Voting does not subscribe you to any list (uncheck the box), unless you want to be (leave it checked). Feel free to pass the message on to your friends and family! -I'm trying to score enough votes to push this over the top!

I'd love to help him get this win!
(and get some cool scuba gear too!)

allison finch
02-28-2008, 23:56

I'm sorry, but it is SO not cool to solicit votes for contests. His photo should stand on its own merit. Needless to say if a sub par photo (no, I didn't look at his photo, so I don't know the quality) gets lots of votes, the photographer stands out for what it is. Vote pandering.

I would think that winning, at all cost, would be unfulfilling.

02-29-2008, 00:04

I'm sorry, but it is SO not cool to solicit votes for contests. His photo should stand on its own merit. Needless to say if a sub par photo (no, I didn't look at his photo, so I don't know the quality) gets lots of votes, the photographer stands out for what it is. Vote pandering.

I would think that winning, at all cost, would be unfulfilling.

Agreed. The artistic merit of the photos is what matters, not which submitter campaigns the best.

02-29-2008, 08:19
Hmmmm......I have to come to Ocean's defense and remind you that she said to go to the website and vote (then said) - - - for his pic if you actually like it best. I understand what you mean about vote pandering, but from what I can tell most of the underwater photographers I've talked with take themselves FAARR too seriously. Its a dang photo contest that the public votes on---not Ansel Adams. If I am in some contest that is decided by votes, and I think the more people that vote the better chance I"VE got to win, I'll be asking you to stop by and vote. You have the opportunity to protect such "sacred creative interests-ohhhooo" as you see fit and vote for another if you don't think his merits it. But chill out....its just an amteur photograph for goodness sakes.

allison finch
02-29-2008, 11:39

But what possible satisfaction could he get by asking for votes? One learns better photography by studying what makes the winning shots so good.

Bye the way, there is prize money involved.

The fact the she only had three posts here indicates she may be here JUST to solicit votes, and is not a regular.

02-29-2008, 12:17
*Disclaimer - This illustration is on a totally different scale*

4 times in the last week, I have had people (including himself and his wife) call me asking me to vote for Senator Obama in the Texas primary. If Obama wasn't running for president, do you think he would have ever called me? Probably not. But he is trying to make sure that people are aware of the election and is hoping he can count on my vote. If Senator Obama is elected president, should he not have satisfaction in winning because he solicited my vote?

FWIW, I agree with Moosicman on this one. I don't see any reason why this woman shouldn't ask for people to vote. All that being said, You are probably right. We will probably never hear from Ocean again...but that's not up to us.

*Edit* Just an FYI, Ocean has been a member since 7-12-07, a couple of days after this message board was created. She did not join to promote the contest. So I should not have said that we will probably never hear from her again. I was wrong.

02-29-2008, 12:23
So there is money up for grabs......


And what satisfaction??? The satisfaction of WINNING????? maybe!!!

What is wrong with that?? Do you like to lose contests and such that you enter because it will finesse your pride and make you feel "GUUUUUUD" about your "artistic integrity", due to the fact that you wouldn't pander to ask for votes in a voting contest? Do you enjoy losing?

I wouldn't cheat to win, but I think no harm at all has been done here.

Its a photograph contest based off of votes. But you argue that in order to learn to be a better photographer, that someone must "let it stand on its own merit" or something. I don't think he is in the running for Time Life Photographer of the Year or some serious and legitimate photography award. The truth of the matter is that there is some sort of code of conduct about "professional integrity" or "artistic selling-out" that you are saying has taken place all because the O.P. asked for folks to stop by and vote (regardless of if there is money or prizes involved). What selling out???? Its an ONLINE CONTEST, for goodness sake, not the creation of the Mona Lisa. Don't take things so seriously. It's NO big deal that they asked that folks stop by and vote, and if they do and like his picture to vote for it. And if they win some cash or prizes, MORE POWER TO THEM and congratulations.

At the end of the day, all of the artistic merit and respect won't buy a cup of coffee or pay the power bill. It WILL serve to feed someones pride, but that can be a dangerous thing. I seem to recall SO many stories of history's great artists who died paupers.

Don't be so wound up and take it all so serious....let folks have the chance to take a look at the photos and vote if they will or not, unscolded. Where is the harm???

allison finch
03-01-2008, 00:59
OK you're right. My plea for "integrity" was not the American way. That way is to win at all costs. No matter what. It is a sad thing that we are that way.
There is no value on quality. You are right-few like losing. But I don't mind it when a photo that is better takes the prize. I do feel angst when a quality photo (anyone's photo) loses out to a vote panderer. It really is not fair to the person who has worked hard for their craft. There is no such thing, IMHO, as "only an on-line contest". We can only measure our own integrity in the smallest denominations. If it has to reach to a certain level to count....Hmmmm.
If you feel this is a fair way to conduct business.....fair enough. You and I will never see eye to eye. No big deal.

03-01-2008, 07:15
Allison, Allison, Allison.........re-read my post. Never did I say that "integrity" was not the American way. Nor did I say it was "to win at all costs". Au contraire, I said that I wouldn't CHEAT to win. Nor would I look for some unfair advantage to win. BUT I would try to win in every upstanding way. That is what has been done. Anyone else in the contest could ask people to stop by and vote.

AND, I didn't say that his photo, being worse, should take the prize, or ANY photo that was worse should take the prize. May the BEST photo win. But if you want it to be about "best" you will have to take it out of the arena of a public vote, and give the judging to those who have critical expertise and knowledge.

Let me put it in another way and I think you'll understand what I am saying (or atleast others who are reading will, and perhaps they will see the humor and sillyness in it and laugh.)

Your angst about Ocean asking for people to come vote reminds me of the movies, "Best In Show" and "Waiting for Guffman". These are to satirical looks at the dog show industry and the "small town theater" culture. They take such "pride" and "pains" in going about their buisness and what the movies ultimatly are saying is "don't take things sooooo freakin' seriously--you are in a DOG SHOW" and "this is small town little theater, your NOT Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts".

I just think it is hilarious and overkill to look at this online contest as though it were something so serious. If you are the winner of 50 of these contests, is the photography industry going to come pant at your door hoping you will one day quit your day-job and allow them to bask in the glory of your photography?

I think not......

I won one of these contests one time, come to think of it.

I never legitimatly recieved any "prize" or money that didn't come with some further bait for something else. There was a banquet to recieve this but I had to pay such and such to get my invitation, and my photo was gonna be in a book but I had to buy this and that to get a copy and so on and so on....

Not that there aren't free and clear contests out there. I am not saying that. I just happened to remember winning that one. Of course, it was the only one I've ever submitted anything to...LOL.

OK...the gloves are off. You be mad 'cause she's asking for votes and I'm gonna go vote and we'll call it a day.

I'm not even going to vote for hers...............isn't that ironic.;)

03-01-2008, 11:50
Hey, I actually voted for the moray eel pick. I just thought it was better...

03-01-2008, 14:51

And (if you are the same Allison Finch as the one who posted a photo in the contest) I noticed that you posted your own photograph at around 10:00 of the day the O.P. made the post. Perhaps you never would have known about it if she never would have posted, which makes things pretty good for you. Good luck with it!!

allison finch
03-01-2008, 17:41

Yeah, I posted after visiting. I figured, "what the heck". However, I doubt that I will do much there.

I participate in other public vote contests, like Wetpixel.com :: Underwater Photography and Videography (http://www.wetpixel.com) , but the spam voting is much less obvious. If they detect it, they take corrective measures.

As for participating more on this subject...


chris in the socal
03-22-2008, 00:11
Just wanted to say as an avid shark lover wow those pics are amazing. I love sharks. Some of all the coolest pics Have ever seen.

03-22-2008, 07:50
Every body lighten up.

BTW - I voted for the wide angle cavern dive pic... That one is sweet!

04-08-2008, 21:56
I didn't have a problem going to the site and voting for whichever one I thought most deserving. Thanks for the alert to the contest.