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Gift Certificates

Joe and I would like to tell you about our new scuba diving forum. We are heavily involved with some other scuba forums on the net and find that they are an excellent way for the diving community to share ideas and experiences. Although we post a lot on other scuba forums, we still get a lot of people that have questions or comments they want to discuss, and so they call or email us.

There is no problem contacting us personally, we love talking to our customers, but I will pretty much guarantee that if you have a question, someone else has the same one! There are no stupid questions! If you feel that others might like to get the same answer you are looking for, please, feel free to post your question on our scuba diving forum board.

Post up 10 times on our scuba forum and your first 10 post are worth a $10.00 gift certificate, toward any purchase on our site. And when you have reached the 250 post mark on the scuba forum board - we'll give you another gift certificate - for $50.00! Legal fine print: Only 1 per person - no fair making up a bunch of fake screen names and posting to the forum under aliases...

Posts on the scuba forum must be of some relevant content. And, what da' heck… It's our board - so we'll be the judge! In other words, don't just post "hi" ten times… have a question, and answer, share your diving experiences on the diving forum, your last trip, your last class, a question about some scuba gear, or your opinion of a piece of scuba gear you are using. What is your favorite scuba diving destination? Who is your favorite dive operator in Cozumel, Cayman, Hawaii, and why?

Since this is a scuba board for information and community discussions, we will not allow any commercial posts, except in the Used Gear For Sale forum - so please - no commercial or non scuba related posts except where warranted.

After you hit the 10 mark, just PM Joe with your user name on the forum and real name, and he'll pm you back your gift certificate number. Same with the 250 mark. Joe will look over your posts on the board to make sure you're playing fair… so please… don't use too many big words… It confuses him. ;-)

And remember that you must be 18 to be eligible for Gift Certificates and anyone that has been banned or has received infractions for improper conduct on our forums will not be eligible for these gift certificates.

The other rule in using any gift certificates, is you cannot use gift certificates for any more than 10% of the purchase price. Unfortunately, we had had people signing up under different names and using 10 dollar gift certificates to buy items for 2 bucks plus shipping. Obviously, this was not the intent of the incentive.

Instead of dropping the gift certificate program, we realized that anyone who is actually purchasing items, and wanting to post on our forum to learn and communicate with others will not be offended by this change in policy. And those who were just trying to steal from us... actually, we're not that concerned if they don't like the change! :-)

Since we've made this change, we will also make it that you do not have to use the entire certificate at one time. Let's suppose you've earned a $50 gift certificate, and you want to buy a $400 BC. We will allow you a $40 credit (10%) of your certificate, and you can save the other $10 credit to use toward a $100 purchase later.

So please post away, earn your gift certificates, and feel free to cash them in when you are looking to purchase items from us.

Thanks... Larry

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