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  1. How do I find sites that rent drysuits?

    I'd like to hear if there's a reliable way to find if there are dive sites in a region that rent drysuits. I live in TN and am going on a car trip to DC. Will pass through/near Maryland, Virginia and...
  2. Thread: nOOb here

    by billsoccer

    I commend you for your attitude. keep studying...

    I commend you for your attitude. keep studying and practicing after you get your card. Don't think you've "arrived". Complacency is a killer!
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    San Antonio June 7-9?

    Will be in the area these days. On the wild chance that anyone might be interested in going diving, holler back at me. I'd be willing to provide transportation for 1-2.

    I have about 80 dives in...
  4. Where is the closest diving to New Orleans?

    I understand there is no diving in New Orleans, but there are some oil rigs nearby in the gulf. Anyone know of a good operator?
    I'm going to the city in about 2 weeks - would be willing to drive a...
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    Hi from Memphis

    I'm planning on a couple trips to unfamiliar places this year so I thought I'd join and start posting!
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