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  1. Koh Chang: The perfect island for adventure

    There are many adventure activities on this island that are waiting for people who love getting new experiences, On land, there are 'Elephant trekking' with treks through the fields, orchards and...
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    How much do you love diving ?

    Diving is Awesome,Isn't it ? If you love diving or have been diving in Trat province, Thailand at...
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    Thailand largest wreck ship

    13056 13057 13058

    On November 22, 2012 the U.S. warship HTMS Chang was sunk to make a new home for marine life and underwater animals.
    The vessel was in the Korean War and it was built for the...
  4. Endangered Species situation in Thailand

    "Whale sharks and Leopard sharks, the latest data are adjusted to be "Endangered Species" (According to the IUCN red list) from earlier in the group "Vulnerable species" If you see them while diving,...
  5. From Zero to Hero : A Hungarian Divemaster,3 years diving 350+ dives around the world

    +++++Interview by Dolphin Divers,Thailand Team+++++

    'For me, scuba diving is the best thing ever happened to my life' - Nicole Pilcsik

    A woman who very loves to dive and called it her...
  6. Amazing Whale Shark at Koh Chang, Thailand !!

    Surprising visitors by found Whale shark 3 times in a couple of months at Koh Chang island.
    When you go out for diving what is your biggest target to see underwater world? Most of divers want to...
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    On April, 6-7, Dolphin Diver dive center Koh Chang work together with The Department Of Marine and Coastal Resource to train the reef survey with trainees who are training under “Diving industry Thai...
  8. Experience diving at Hin Saam Sao and Hin Rap North Divesite,

    Hin Saam Sao

    If we’re talking to the suitable dive site for diving or making a diving skill. One of the most popular dive site is Hin Saam Sao. A Definition in Thai language is uncertain,...
  9. About Koh Chang : 7 dive site at Koh Chang


    Do you interested to diving with us at Koh Chang ?...
  10. Welcome to Koh Chang, Thailand soon (: better...

    Welcome to Koh Chang, Thailand soon (:
    better come here on high season start October till begin of May of every year.
    middle of May till September is rainy season
  11. Reporter by Gedz from Koh Chang, Thailand

    This year (2016), we have 9 trainees from university in Thailand to make diving internship with us. So we would like to present a bit about their experience with us at Koh Chang. Frist student, she...
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    7 Dives site at Koh Chang

    Do you interested to diving with us at Koh Chang ? Follow us….Let’s see 7 dive site, Koh Yuak, HinSaam Sao, Hin Rap, Hin Luk Bath, Hin Raap South,...
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