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  1. DIY Big Buoy Dive Flag - When size does matter

    Hi Guys,

    I've made a video tutorial on how to build a Big Buoy Dive Flag, it's bigger than the commercial ones you find in the stores (you can make it as big as you want)
    check out my youtube...
  2. Hi, It sounds interesting, I read your...


    It sounds interesting, I read your comments a couple of times to see if I could visualise it, not 100% sure I followed you correctly. I suppose you dont have a picture or sketch?

  3. NEW TUTORIALS: Scuba tank racks made from Pool Noodle & rope. VIDEO & PDFs

    Hi Guys,

    I've made some tutorials on how to make scuba tank racks made from Pool Noodles & Rope, these things are not a new idea, however I have made these very basic to construct, the rope is...
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