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  1. vintage scuba diving at Civil war bridge

    Vintage Scuba Diving - River Avon Part 4 - YouTube
  2. vintage scuba diving at penzance pt 2

    Vintage Scuba Diving at Penzance Part 2 - YouTube
  3. Dive Sites in the u.k - Godvery Island , St Ives , North Cornwall

    Dive Sites in the u.k - Godvery Island Pt 3 - YouTube

    pt 3 - really nice place (2012)
    very clear diving
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    vintage scuba diving to music

    got to the local quarry to test out a new purchased vintage suit, to find a brass band using the quarry as an amplifier, found some more coins,and swimming googles,but enjoy the backing music...
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    vintage dive knives

    Vintage Dive knife collection 2 - YouTube
    dive collection pt 2
  6. women in wetsuits pt 4 - Cousteau Smoothskin...

    women in wetsuits pt 4 - Cousteau Smoothskin galleon wetsuit - YouTube
    smoothskin cousteau wetsuit, fits a treat

    getting into vintage smoothskin wetsuit pt 1 - YouTube
    getting into vintage suit
  7. Wetsuit Collection No 53 Pt 2 - Cleveland -...

    Wetsuit Collection No 53 Pt 2 - Cleveland - YouTube
    pt2 the wetsuit arrived, shampooed it,dried it and repaired 3 nicks, ready for its trial dive next week
  8. found GOLD WATCH on first dive of the day.

    Galleon Smoothskin Scuba dive Pt 1 - Cressi Full face mask. - YouTube

    tryed out a local swimming hole,and upon first dive,on the rocky bottom came across a GOLD WATCH and money nearby
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    vintage wetsuit collection 2012

    complete wetsuit collection 2012 - YouTube

    most of my wetsuit collection so far
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    keep your gear,you just need a better dive...

    keep your gear,you just need a better dive location,and maybe a few friends from the local clubs in the areas you choose to get your confidence back....,its a great sport why give it up now your...
  11. 1970 vintage cleveland smoothskin wetsuit

    Wetsuit Collection No 53 - Cleveland - YouTube

    dive video to follow
  12. Voit Smoothskin wetsuit river scuba dive pt 1

    VOIT DIVE 1 - YouTube

    Trying my new purchase, a 1950s Voit smoothskin wetsuit
  13. 1960 vintage U.S Divers two piece rubber wetsuit

    Wetsuit Collection No 49 - U.S Divers (FOR SALE) - YouTube

    picture of it,see link above

    on-line shop
    scroll down,top page blank

  14. i really like the old style vintage wetsuits

    my husband loves the old style gear, it just looks so sexy on men, my husband is currently putting me through my paces O.W Course
    heres a few vids

    women in black wetsuits pt 2 - YouTube
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    vintage scuba diving

    hi, my website is

    My profile is also on you tube
    this is one of my latest dives,check out my other vids if u like

    vintage scuba diving off r.i.b pt 1 - YouTube
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    vintage scuba collection pt 1

    Smooth - skin rubber wetsuit collection & masks,smooth skin wetsuit - YouTube

    the start of my vintage scuba collecting
  17. vintage scuba diving - my first ever dive

    vintage two piece wetsuit dive - YouTube
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